What is WebStuff?

Our definition of WebStuff: The internet is a gallery, a website is a beautiful painting and internet marketing is the friend who shared tickets to opening night (at the art museum) with you!

All over the globe the web thrives on creativity, whether it’s designing an eye catching website, writing unforgettable content or oogling Google, this is how businesses become successful on the net.

WebStuff is all these things or put another way take a teaspoon of web design, a tablespoon of internet marketing and a cup of creativity and you’ve got the recipe for WebStuff in a nutshell…or a mixing bowl.

This website contains the thoughts and musings of a long time web developer and search engine optimization expert.

If you would prefer to read boring technical stuff you can head over to the WebStuff company site. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Like getting your hands dirty (or already did and need help cleaning things up)? Check out the Tips and Tricks section.

Prefer to let someone else do the heavy lifting or can’t get the grass stain out? Feel free to contact me to inquire about my consulting services.